General X-Ray

Our Digital X-Ray units ensure the highest quality images are produced efficiently and with reduced radiation dose.

What is an X-Ray?

An X-Ray is a two dimensional image of the body. Almost any area of the body can be X-Rayed and is the most common examination requested. North Queensland X-Ray Services uses digital imaging equipment to ensure minimum radiation dose to the patient and produce the highest imaging quality.

How long does it take?

The average examination time for an X-Ray is 10 minutes, however this will vary depending on what examination you have been referred for.

Is the radiation safe?

X-Rays are a form of ionising radiation; therefore care is always taken by the technologist to ensure the dose given is as low as reasonably achievable. However, the benefits of an accurate diagnostic examination will far outweigh the risks. X-Ray is very sensitive, meaning that less radiation can be used to create an excellent quality image.

If you are having an X-Ray and think you may be pregnant, then you will need to inform the staff member doing the examination and your GP.

Is there any special preparation?

You may be required to change into a gown and remove any metallic items that may interfere with an X-Ray.

What to bring to your appointment

When attending for your appointment, you will need to bring the following items with you:

  • your Medicare Card
  • your doctor’s referral form
  • any previous films that are relevant to the procedure (for example, please bring your chest X-Ray films if presenting for a CT chest examination)

For more information

For more detailed information regarding this procedure, please click on this link.

While this information is designed to be as informative as possible, it is very brief in nature and should not replace the advice or guidance of your doctor or preferred healthcare professional.