At North Queensland X-Ray Services, echocardiograms are reported by local cardiologists.
All Medicare-eligible echocardiograms are bulk-billed under HIC guidelines.

An echocardiogram (echo) is an ultrasound of your heart, using sound-waves to generate detailed images of the heart chambers, internal structures, and the great vessels linked to your heart. There is no radiation involved with echos.

The most common form of echocardiography is a trans-thoracic echo (TTE) which involves a specialy trained cardiac sonographer or doctor to move an ultrasound probe across your chest to generate images from different angles to apprectiate cardiac function and structures

Your echo results can reveal

  • how well your heart is pumping,
  • the size of your heart and its chambers,
  • how well your valves are working that ¬†permit blood flowing through your heart in the right direction,
  • if there is any fluid around your heart,
  • if there are any blood clots inside your heart, and
  • if there are any problems with the great vessels surrounding your heart