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Liver Shear-Wave Elastography is now available at North Queensland X-Ray Services and is bulk-billed

Date: Friday, December 04, 2020

Liver shear wave elastography is a non-invasive ultrasound technique which provides stiffness measurements for assessment of diffuse liver diseases and neoplastic lesions. For some patients, shear wave elastography can replace painful, expensive biopsies into a well-tolerated method for follow up and monitoring of the disease.

It is recommended follow-up Elastography should be performed on the same ultrasound machine for  the purpose of tracking and reproducibility.

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The  imaging is a real-time, large Region of Interest (ROI), color-coded quantitative assessment of tissue stiffness. Clinicians can easily assess liver tissue stiffness using real-time feedback and make quantitative measurements with multiple sample points.

Elastography imaging includes the ability to make retrospective measurements on stored images as well. Unique confidence map display utilizes intelligent analysis that adds additional assurance that user measurements are obtained on tissue areas with adequate shear wave propagation.

 Imaging confidence map, used with the stiffness map, improve confidence of shear wave measurements. Both maps can be displayed side-by-side, which reduces workflow steps and allows for simultaneous map correlation during acquisition and measurement phases.